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Southern Calls Magazine Vol. 43


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People | Mitchell’s Journey
You reverently went about your work. I’ll never forget how you placed Mitchell’s favorite blanket over his chest as if to soften the blow of our son’s passing. I would have never thought to do such a thing – but it was a little salve for my gashing wound. A wound as vast as the Grand Canyon that would take years to dress and suture. Years to heal.

Places | Snyder Funeral Homes of Ohio
Celebrating a remarkable century of service is not necessarily an unusual feat in funeral service. However, the Snyder Funeral Homes centennial commemorates so much more than the specific year this historic Ohio family concern was founded. Nearly a dozen current Snyder funeral directors operate 18 locations that serve approximately 3,500 families annually. Spanning ten counties in the northern and central parts of Ohio, the firm has remained privately owned and operated by the Snyder family for five generations.

Passions | Madeline Lyles and Dana Taylor
Meet Madeline Lyles and Dana Taylor, two funeral directors who are shooting for moon, and definitely have more than a bit of moxie. Given their robust social media presence, most readers are likely already familiar with the entrepreneurial dual and their colorful photos of their business and snappy educational videos promoting Frigid Products. If not, I’ll introduce you: Lyles and Taylor hold the distinction of opening the first all-female owned and operated funeral establishment in Memphis, Tennessee,
After Life Mortuary Services.

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