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Issue 40 Available Now!

Issue 40 Available Now!

Southern Calls Issue 40 begins with an interesting dive into the dual careers of Jack Lechner and his lifetime of service, both military and funeral. Our Places article continues the theme of service with Powles Staton Funeral Home and their Veterans Honor Guard...

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Issue 39 Available Now!

Issue 39 Available Now!

Southern Calls Issue 39 brings you stories from across the country with a brilliant, young Tennessee professional navigating career changes with ease; an historic and classically beautiful California funeral home and gardens that serves the Asian and Hispanic...

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After Life Mortuary Services

After Life Mortuary Services

The year is 1961. The Soviet Union has just successfully put Yuri Gagarin into space—and brought him home again. The Soviets are winning the space race. President John F. Kennedy immediately begins exploring ideas to re-take the lead, settling on reaching the moon....

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