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The COVID-19 Pandemic is Overwhelming

The COVID-19 Pandemic is Overwhelming

Southern Calls Vol. 29, September 2020 Funeral Home Director In Residency begins career as Coronavirus Pandemic overwhelms the Industry After picking up remains of a victim of COVID-19, Lily Sage Weinrieb calls relatives for a virtual viewing before cremation on May...

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Kristin Tips | San Antonio, Texas

Kristin Tips | San Antonio, Texas

“Can you imagine a day when the world’s first drive-in funeral theater would be in the headlines? Or imagine a time when thousands of people at home would choose to watch a televised life tribute instead of attending a funeral service. That day is today and those...

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The “Bear”

The “Bear”

Southern Calls Vol. 3, March 2014 After the 1982 season, Paul William “Bear” Bryant, 69, announced his decision to retire, stating, "This is my school, my alma mater. I love it and I love my players. But in my opinion, they deserved better coaching than they have been...

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