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Southern Calls Magazine Vol. 42



Robert L. Bates CFSP
Bates Family Funeral Home, DeKalb, Texas
“Stay inside yourself. Remember your roots and who you are. Do what you think is right . . . and then go ahead.”  Robby Bates, NFDA President 2013-14 



McKoon Funeral Home, Newman, Georgia
A place of comfort, A place of respite. “We are proud of our profession,” said John Daviston, named to Georgia’s ‘40 Under 40’ as a talented and outstanding leader. “Everything we do matters. Even a casual conversation during First Call is another way to learn how we can better serve this family.”



Jzyk S. Ennis, MPA, CFSP
Funeral Service Program Instructor
Jefferson State Community College
Birmingham, Alabama
“As an educator I see the value of the preparatory side of the profession . . . and when people say mortuary education is ‘broken,’ I have to step back and wonder if it is mortuary education or the partnership between education and practice that’s broken . . . and what kind of bridge will fill the gap.”

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